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Brisbane Adult Entertainment – Master the Art of Car Sex Using These Simple Tips

Remember Leonardo DiCaprio’s car sex scene in “Titanic?” Well, that goes to show just how epic this type of sex can be. But, as what Brisbane Adult Entertainment suggests, ensure that the police won’t caught you; otherwise, both of you are in for some public indecency fine. By the time you clear things up, follow these car sex tips to make the most out of it.

Brisbane Adult EntertainmentKinky Belts
All types of cars are equipped with the right BDSM accessory – the seatbelt! Have your woman sit on the passenger seat and put the belt into place. Have her hands lifted over her head, and utilize whatever is around (i.e. scarf, t-shirt, a dog-leash) to bind them to the tightest. Finally, try licking her soft spots until she starts moaning. You can start with her neck.

Take Her for a Ride
Just shift the seat all the way back, while reclining the seatback. Fuck her in missionary style, but spread her legs as wide as she can. From there, penetrate her slowly and gently. You can choose to have her hands tied while in the said position.

The Temperature Tease
Both of you can have some fun by blasting the AC for a couple of minutes, then switching to heat. You can also turn the seat warmer on while the air conditioning is running. Not only does it add to the surprise factor, as she doesn’t know what will happen next; but transitioning from hot to cold will definitely make her skin quite sensitive.

Rock It and Roll It
Needless to say, music amplifies sex. It does the same thing when having sex in a car. Remember that you’re in a small place, thus cranking the volume will only make the car thump and vibrate. This will certainly supercharge both of your sensations. Above all, it masks noise as it gives you the liberty to make loud moans and groans.

Be an Exhibitionist
If you’re up for some daring activity, fuck her on the hood of your car. You either go with doggie style or plain missionary. Just cover both of your bodies with a blanket or a towel, so if someone passes by, you have something to hide.

Car sex is really something that every couple must try. But if things won’t go your away, why don’t you grab a lady from Brisbane Adult Entertainment?

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