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Bizarre Sex Laws from Around the World that you Don’t Know

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Sex is a common practice that humans do for reproduction. Compared to some ten to a hundred years earlier, we have sex not only to reproduce but for fun and entertainment. This is the reason why we have red light districts, porn and escorts in Brisbane to cater to horny dudes and dudettes. In Australia, there are also bizarre sex laws passed such as the restriction of A-cup porn stars in the adult film industry as a fear of promoting pedophilia. Distribution of adult materials in ACT and in the Northern territories is prohibited. In the escort industry in Victoria, courtesans are restricted from posting racy photos and descriptions of their services. Brisbane escorts as well share the same sentiment when it comes to using profanity in their services. While some might find these laws bizarre, there are weirder cases around the world that you may find entertaining and creepy.

Some facts in the infographic are just utmost bizarre such as one from the Middle East where it is illegal to eat a lamb after having sex with it. Others are more reasonable like one from the state of Nevada in the United States where it is illegal to have sex without a condom on. Unsafe sex could result to the widespread of deadly STIs and STDs plus it will get rid of your worries for not pulling out. Religion had also made an impact towards the passing of these bizarre laws such as the one mentioned above from the Middle East and another from Muslim areas where it is illegal to look at a corpse’s genitals even for morticians; a modesty cloth on a body’s genitals is used.

However, the men and women in Indonesia are not as lucky as the rest of the world. It is illegal to be caught masturbating in the country and your penalty will be death. You might want to remove that from the list of places you would want to have your honeymoon. Another bizarre sex law in Hong Kong allows betrayed wives to kill their husbands provided she uses her bare hands. The lover maybe killed in any manner desired.

The sex industry in Australia is regulated but not illegal. You can freely take a trip down to the Brisbane adult entertainment and red light district with Brisbane escorts. If you want to view a selection of high class ladies, please click on our gallery.

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